What is leg vein disease?

Leg vein disease, also referred to as chronic venous disease, is the abnormal functioning of your veins caused by damage or disease. When veins are functioning improperly, this may present as large, blue or dark purple veins twisting throughout your legs, commonly referred to as “varicose veins” or “spider veins”. This is caused by the leaking and pooling of blood when a vein becomes stretched, thickened, or dilated.

What causes leg vein disease?

Blood flow within veins is meant to go in only one direction. For individuals who are overweight, pregnant, or who spend long periods of time standing, the walls of their veins become weakened and the valves may fail to control blood flow as they should. This then leads to swelling and blood accumulation in the legs.

How is leg vein disease treated?

Preventive treatment for leg vein disease includes exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding standing for long periods of time, avoiding crossing your legs, and wearing compression stockings.

Once leg vein disease has occurred, treatment may include invasive procedures in which Dr. Jain can manage unhealthy veins with little risk of complications.